Indie MEGABOOTH (IMB) began with a question: How can indie games get in front of the fans and press at busy trade shows? The answer was simple — work together to build a bigger booth. The result of this concept was a collective of 16 indie developers pooling their resources in collaboration to create a unified presence for the first ever MEGABOOTH showcase at PAX East 2012.

Since our humble beginnings, the IMB community has grown to include nearly 1000 developers and 33 showcases, representing studios from 36 countries. The MEGABOOTH went into hibernation mode during the pandemic and is now excited to re-emerge, and our mission continues to be to give thought-provoking, unique games exposure to new audiences and create a safe, welcoming environment for small, diverse teams to enter the games industry. Beyond in-person events, IMB is continuing to curate a robust network for developers and communities to support each other and to connect teams with fans, publishers, and platform holders in mutually beneficial partnerships. Developers not only find exposure at  IMB events, but connections through special community channels, social networks, and other platforms with industry veterans and new studios. In coming announcements, we're excited to provide new ways to assist indie devs outside of showcases.

Games that make it to the MEGABOOTH go through a rigorous curation process involving a jury of developers, academics, and curators from the indie gaming community. Every title passes through the hands of jury members and committees before landing on the show floor. These selections are quirky, diverse, and genre-bending, among many other descriptors. More weird games by rad people!

Remember Dead Cells (Motion Twin), Don’t Starve (Klei Entertainment), Disco Elysium (ZA/UM), What The Golf? (Triband), Spiritfarer (Thunder Lotus Games) , Celeste (Matt Makes Games), The Stanley Parable (Galactic Cafe) and Mini Metro (Dinosaur Polo Club)?  All of these titles exhibited with IMB before becoming top-selling indie games that captured hearts and headlines. Every showcase features games that can be played on a home console, mobile device, PC and virtual reality. Games like Astroneer (System Era Softworks) and Monster Prom (Beautiful Glitch) also found their audiences at the MEGABOOTH. 

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